NWO Research Talent laureates

Who    ResearchYear
Lily Rueda Guzman
Lily Rueda Guzman conducts research into sanctions under the ICC's Principle of Complementarity, focussing on Colombia as a case study.
Smit, Anne
Anne Smit takes part in a multidisciplinary (family law-criminology) research project that will generate evidence-based recommendations for handling divorce cases based on empirical findings on child sexual abuse allegations, and the implications of legal interventions. 
Linda Kesteloo studies legal safeguards for reliable witness evidence, partially from a comparative perspective. This research aims at providing a conceptual framework for both criminal lawyers and (legal) psychologists, making it a multidisciplinary project that contributes to the debate between the two disciplines.  2013
Elanie Rodermond studies the process of desistance among female offenders and aims to explain why and how women stop committing crimes.2012
Martijn Stronks investigates the role of time in contemporary migration law. One of the central questions is why migrants usually can receive stronger residence rights only after progress of time.2012
Johan Wolswinkel was searching for so-called ‘general rules of allocation law’ applying to any award of a limited number of rights by public authorities (authorisations, financial grants, etc.). In this research, results from economic resource allocation theory bridged the gap between these general allocation rules and general principles of law.2007