Veni laureates

Karin de Vries
Karin de Vries investigates the role of nationality in non-discrimination law.
Anja Eleveld
Anja Eleveld investigates labour law protection for recipients of social assistance, who are obliged to do unpaid work.
Vere van Koppen investigates the correlates of adult-onset offending.2014
Barbora Holá compares the sentencing of international crimes by international and national courts.2013
Ester Herlin KarnellEster Herlin-Karnell investigates the function of the EU principle of proportionality as a balancing mechanism for ensuring good governance within the European (multi-speed) area of freedom, security and justice.2012
Peter Kamminga empirically studies the relationship between the kinds of legal contracts used and the efficiency of infrastructure development.2011
Wouter Veraart's research is centered around the question how law should respond to historic injustice.2007
Alette Smeulers was conducting empirical research into perpetrators of international crimes such as genocide and war crimes, and how they might be held to account.2005
emptyElies van Sliedregt's research interest lies in the field of international, European and comparative criminal law.2004
Elisabetta Manunza deed tijdens haar verblijf aan VU onderzoek naar de economische en wettelijke hypothesen waarop het voorschrift van Europese aanbestedingen is gebaseerd.2002