Research programmes

Our research is organized into eight research programmes. The overarching topic is Law and Governance. All research programmes are part of the Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance. Academics associated with these research programmes also participate in other research institutes of the VU University Amsterdam.

Fundamental rights, regulation and responsible government
programme director: mr. dr. W.L. (Willemijn) Roozendaal

Public and private interests in finance and business law
programme director: prof. mr. J.L. (Lodewijk) Smeehuijzen

Public Contracts: Law & Governance
programme director: prof. mr. F.J. (Frank) van Ommeren

Boundaries of Law
programme director: mr. dr. L.M.A. (Lyana) Francot

Empirical and Normative Studies
programme director: prof. dr. E.R. (Edward) Kleemans

Migration Law
programme director: prof. mr. T.P. (Thomas) Spijkerboer

Amsterdam Centre for Comprehensive Law
programme director: prof. dr. mr. A.J. (Arno) Akkermans

Amsterdams Centre for Family Law
programme director: prof. mr. M.V. (Masha) Antokolskaia