Fundamental rights, regulation and responsible government

The basic principles underlying government’s role in society are subject to rapid change. Increasingly, public interests are defended by private players and civil society organizations. These alternative forms of governance have major implications, both for the structuring and operations of government itself and for the way in which other parties defend public interests. These include how this defence of public interests is legitimized, whether and how these changes in regulation protect democratic safeguards, fundamental rights, the rule of law and constitutional principles,

This programme concentrates on relationships between fundamental rights, issues of regulation, and constitutional concepts in a democratic state governed by the rule of law. Research is conducted by researchers with backgrounds in human rights, social security, quality of legislation, government organizations, local government law, etc. They work together in answering these new questions. The answers are highly relevant to recent discussions on the role of civil society.

Programme director: dr. K.M. (Karin) de Vries

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