Doctorate Regulations

The Doctorate Regulations of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (valid from 1-1-2015) officially establish the rules to which the PhD tract is bound. These regulations are applicable to all individuals conducting PhD-research under the supervision of a VU-based promoter and intend to defend their thesis at VU Amsterdam. The regulations include:

  • Steps a PhD candidate must take to be admitted to the PhD tract;
  • The 30 EC PhD training requirements;
  • Conditions regarding the (number of) supervisors;
  • Composition of the Thesis Committee;
  • Final terms for acquiring a PhD;
  • Requirements for cum laude award;
  • Procedure concerning double degrees and joint doctorates.

Thesis Directive

At the Faculty of Law it is possible to acquire your PhD on the basis of a scientific monograph, or a collection of separate articles. In both cases, the guideline for the size of the thesis is a maximum of 300 pp. (100.000 words). For candidates attaining their PhD on the basis of articles, there are a number of additional requirements. You can read more about these requirements in the Thesis Directive.