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About the Faculty of Law

Our faculty hosts many excellent researchers who are considered among the best in their respective fields internationally. The faculty is located on the campus near the city center and it provides outstanding research facilities in a lively and inspiring working environment. Our research is organized in eight research programmes, in which we strive for both scientific excellence and connection to today’s changing society. These programmes all come together under the umbrella of the Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance. In addition, our researchers are active in a range of other research institutes and networks. Visiting researchers and fellows are welcome to attend the variety of workshops, colloquia and other ongoing activities at the faculty.

Welcome at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

If you are considering a stay at our faculty, we kindly invite you to read the brochure Nice to meet you at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The brochure provides an overview of useful information for a move to the Netherlands.
Upon fellowship admission, the International Office will do its utmost best to assist in finding a suitable accommodation for our visiting researchers and fellows.

Terms and conditions

Visiting researchers and fellows devote from one month to one year in residence at the Faculty of Law to pursue independent research and collaborate with faculty members on projects and publications. We ask you for a presentation of your research project while in residence. Visitors who stay for more than three months are expected to publish at least one publication in conjuction with the affiliated research programme. We expect that the fellowship programme will result in a mutually beneficial relationship between the visitors and the faculty, a relationship which ideally extends beyond the tenure of the fellowship itself.

More information

For more information on selection procedure, see application guidelines. Before you submit your application, we strongly encourage you to contact preferred host department and discuss fellowship opportunities. Please be aware that all visiting researchers and fellows are self-supported, with adequate support from sources outside the university.