Prospective Master's Students

On this page you will find all the information you need to know to be well-prepared to start your studies. If you still have any questions, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your study programme!

The corona measures have a huge impact on higher education, but we are certain of one thing: if you start your degree programme, you can expect high-quality education from us. On campus if we can. But also: online because we can.

You are welcome

We are ready to welcome you as a new student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Studying at VU Amsterdam is not only about education. It's also about meeting each other on campus and studying together for exams in the University Library. Although the corona crisis is turning everything upside down, one thing we know for sure: education at VU Amsterdam will continue.

Second semester, academic year 2020/2021

In consultation between VSNU and the Ministry, it was decided that education will be offered mainly online throughout the second semester, with only a limited number of lectures on campus.

Please visit VUnet regularly for the current information.

See for general information and this page for the latest updates.

VUnet-ID and VUnet

The VUnet-ID is your username and password that gives you access to all kinds of digital services such as VUnet and Canvas.

VUnet will be an important source of information during your studies at the university. Through this portal you will find all relevant information such as your e-mail, your personal schedule, exam grades, important announcements and a link to the study guide. The VUnet homepage provides news from the university and the world of academia.

Log in using your VUnet-ID, which you should already have received. If you have lost your VUnet-ID, please visit the Student Desk. Take your university registration card or other form of identification for identification purposes.

VU Amsterdam e-mail

Each student is assigned a personal VU Amsterdam e-mail address, with the following format: You can read and send e-mails by logging in to VUnet with your VUnet-ID. The university uses this e-mail address exclusively when corresponding with you about your studies. It is essential that you check your inbox regularly to ensure that you do not miss any important information about your degree programme. If you would like to avoid having to log in to check your e-mails, you can have your VU Amsterdam e-mail automatically forwarded to your personal e-mail address.


Canvas is the digital learning environment of VU Amsterdam. Each course also has a course in Canvas, to which you automatically have access when you have signed up for the course. On Canvas you will find the course's study manual and examples of exam questions, the teacher will keep you informed about your progress and you will sometimes have to submit assignments via Canvas. Also, after a lecture, teachers often put the lecture sheets on Canvas, so that you can study them again at home.

Manual Zoom 

Due to the COVID-19 measures a lot of your meetings and lectures will take place online for the time being. At the VU we use the program 'Zoom' for these meetings. The VU has its own account within Zoom, where you can log in with  your VUnetID.

You can follow planned meetings and lectures here, but also plan your own meetings with your fellow students. Read the manual for the use of Zoom for students

Study guide and timetable

In the online study guide you will find information about the content of your courses, method of assessment and which literature you need. Here you will also find the Teaching and Examination Regulations of your study programme. The timetable of your study programme can be found at


This page contains VU Signpost. This offers you an overview of important, fun and useful things that will help you to start your studies at the VU.

Do you have any questions about your registration? Please ask them at the student desk.

Do you have any questions about faculty matters? You can ask your question on this page.

Track the status of your application in VUnet

Make sure that you have completed your registration for your programme by 31 January 2021 at the latest. See your status overview on VUnet for any requirements you still need to meet to complete your registration.

Your registration is only complete once you see the indication ‘registered’ in the ‘my programmes’ field in Studielink. If you change anything in relation to your application or registration in Studielink or VUnet, it will be shown the next day in your status overview.

This also applies when you are requesting an exceptional admission due to the corona crisis!

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a Proof of Registration document within two to four weeks.

Where will you find the status of your registration?

1. Log in to VUnet.

2. Under ‘Complete Application’, go to the relevant programme.

3. Under ‘Status’, click on ‘Check status’.

4. For each requirement, you can see if you still need to take any action.


Do you have questions about the registration process? Please contact the Student Desk.

The VU Jumpstart programme is specifically designed for students starting an international Master's programme at VU Amsterdam. For many of you, the decision to complete your Master's degree abroad and travel to Amsterdam is already a huge step. Through the Jumpstart programme, we aim to provide you with the tools you will need to create a smooth and enjoyable start to your studies as well as provide you with opportunities to meet and interact with other Master's students. Jumpstart offers opportunities to improve your academic writing alongside your English language and research skills via several tailor-made online workshops as well as an interactive, recurring language café!

Please check the Jumpstart website

This year, of course, everything is different, but one thing remains the same: we want to prepare you as well as possible for your studies and make you feel at home at VU Amsterdam.

This year, of course, everything is different, but one thing remains the same: we want to prepare you as well as possible for your studies and make you feel at home at VU Amsterdam. That is why the Academic Advisors of Faculty of Law are organizing a special online introductory meeting on Monday February 1, 2021 at 12:45-13:30 for all new master students via Zoom! During this online meeting you will receive important information to be well-prepared to start your studies. So we highly recommend that you will be present. A mentor has been appointed especially for students who enter with a bachelor's degree from a university other than the VU. During this introductory meeting you will also get to know your mentor.

The link to this zoom session can be found on this page on VUnet.

Introductory lectures or individual introductory meetings also take place for Master’s in Law. Curious about your program? Look here for the information already available. This page is regularly updated with new information.

When you start planning your master, you start by looking at the requirements for the specialization of your choice. You can find these in the Education and Examination Regulations of the study programme You can find the regulations in the Study Guide.

Part of the course package is mandatory but the rest you choose yourself. You can see when the courses are offered via the year schedule of your specialization. You can find the annual schedule in the Study Guide. Search your subject at "Masters" and then click on the tab "Programme" and then on "download annual schedule".

In the timetable you can see the times and locations of the courses. Would you like more information about how the timetable works? Then use the following link.

Further information here about planning your master and writing your thesis.

For all courses in the Master's programmes, you need to register in advance in order to be allowed to follow the course. You can register for courses via VUnet. Once you have registered for your courses and exams, you can find your personal timetable on VUnet.

Registration period

From December 16, 2020 you can register for courses and exams of semester 2 ( period 4) of academic year 2020-2021.

You can only register for courses and exams when your (re) registration including payment / authorization of tuition fees for the academic year 2020-2021 has been completed.

To participate in courses and exams, you must register during the registration period. Please make sure you register yourself correctly by selecting all offered course activities (lectures, seminars, practicals) and exams or resits. Once you register for a course, you are also automatically registered for the first exam opportunity for that course, but not for a resit, should that become necessary. If you need to take a written resit, you must register for this separately.

Registration deadline semester 2

The registration deadline for semester 2, period 4 is January 11, 2021.

Is the registration for your master's programme complete after 11 January? Then email - as soon as you are fully enrolled - the courses starting in period 4 for which you want to be registered to This is possible until Friday 5 February 2021.

More information about signing up

You can find more information about course registration and registration deadlines on VUnet.

The VU bookstore is located on the ground floor of the main building. You will not receive a printed out booklist, you can find the subscribed literature in the study guide or on Canvas. We advise you to buy the books shortly before or after you have had your first lecture. 

You can purchase all necessary literature online.

Work hard and play hard? Our student associations support you in your studies, bring you into contact with future employers and also organize social events and student trips.

Your time at the VU can be even more fun if you become a member of a study association! Watch the video clip of QBDBD for a preview and you can also browse the sites of the associations.

ASAR, Amsterdam Study Association for Employment Law

CICERO, Amsterdam advocacy group

Crime Does Pay, criminological-legal student association

Criminal Intent, criminal study association

Digi Juridica, study association for future Internet, IP and ICT lawyers

FSVU, student association under tax law

QBDBD, general student association

VIVA, notarial student association

During your studies not everything may go as smoothly as you had hoped. The VU offers her students various forms of guidance and advice. For each specific problem you can contact a specific office or staff member. 

To prevent you from needlessly falling behind, we urge you to contact that office or staff member as soon as a problem occurs. For more information please check the website of the Academic Advisors (for study related issues/planning of your studies or discussing personal circumstances that have an impact on your studies).

The Student Counsellors at VU Amsterdam can advise you on matters such as financial support in the event of a delay in your study progress. If you have problems such as performance anxiety or study stress, or if you are experiencing problems that are interfering in your studies or preventing you from completing your degree, then you can get in touch with one of the Student Psychological Counsellors at VU Amsterdam. You can find more information on Studying with a disability on VUnet.

Choosing your Master programme means a next step in your career. Do you know what you want to do after graduation and - maybe even more important - how to get there? Can you use some advice or a review of your resume and motivation letter? Or would you like to prepare and practice a job interview?

The Career Office of the Faculty of Law is here to help you get on track. You can request individual coaching sessions or come to a career event to expand your horizon, or we can help you find your way in the (Dutch) job market. You can also check out our Career Portal for interesting jobs and internships.