Ondernemingsrecht and Fiscaal recht Master’s programmes awarded ‘top rated programme’ distinction

The Keuzegids Masters 2018 has awarded the distinction of ‘top programme’ to the Master’s programmes Ondernemingsrecht (Corporate Law) and Fiscaal recht (Tax Law).

03/08/2018 | 9:00 AM

This means that they are the best programmes within their own disciplines and among the best Master’s programmes the Netherlands. Students and education experts are particularly enthusiastic about the study programme, examination, lecturers, practical orientation, attainability and study guidance of Ondernemingsrecht, and the examination, lecturers, practical orientation, attainability and study guidance of Fiscaal recht.

Ten top rated VU masters
Ondernemingsrecht and Fiscaal recht are two of the ten VU masters that received the distinction ‘top programme’. The others are Culture, Organization and Management, Econometrics and Operations Research, Epidemiology, Finance, Hydrology, Marketing, Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems, and Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics.

Keuzegids Masters
Every year, the Netherlands Higher Education Information Centre (C.H.O.I.) publishes the Keuzegids Masters: the Netherlands’ influential higher education guide for prospective students, which provides information to help students find the right Master’s programme. The rankings are based on the opinions students expressed in the National Student Survey (NSE), the percentage of students that continue their studies in the second year and expert views.

For more information, visit the Keuzegids website (in Dutch).

More information about Ondernemingsrecht and Fiscaal recht (in Dutch).  

Choose your top programme during the Master’s Day
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