Taking extra-curricular courses

If you are studying at the VU or another Dutch university, it is under certain conditions possible to take a minor or secondary course at the VU Faculty of Law.


In the course description in the study guide you can read whether a course is offered as a secondary course. The faculty's decision about admission to the course is binding.

These courses can only be taken as a secondary course if the student meets the entry requirements of the course, as mentioned in the academic and examination regulations.

Courses from a master at the faculty can only be taken if you have a diploma that gives access to the relevant master/ specialization and if you are enrolled in a master. Read the admission requirements of the masters.

For the secondary courses of the master in Criminology, sometimes additional admission requirements are set, so always read the course description in the study guide.

It may happen that participation in a course is not possible due to lack of space. 

Registration for secondary courses

You are a student from outside VU Amsterdam?
All steps for registering as a secondary course student can be found here.

Are you a student at VU Amsterdam from another faculty than the Faculty of law?

  • Contact the academic advisors. Mail:
    • your studentnumber
    • which course you want to follow
    • which study you are doing
    • how far you are in that study
  • If these courses are available to you, and if you meet the admission requirements, the academic advisor will make the course available in VUnet, so you can register for it.
  • Verify if permission from your Examination Board is needed. You do not have to request permission to follow a ‘Universiteitsminor’. You can register for a Universiteitsminor via VUnet and you do not have to mail the examination Board or Education office. 
  • Please keep in mind the VU registration terms.
  • The grade will automatically be processed in VUnet (only when you registered yourself correctly).


Minors consist of no more than 30 EC, and are taken alongside a student’s main course of study.

The Faculty of Law offers the minors Law and Global Society, and Technology, Law and Ethics to VU Amsterdam students and students from other universities. See the Minor programmes website for all VU Amsterdam minors.

See information about admission requirements and the registration procedure for minors.