Werner, prof. dr. W.G. (Wouter)

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( transnational legal studies )
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Curriculum vitae
Wouter Werner is professor public international law and co-director of the Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law (www.ceptl.org). He is director of the law faculty’s graduate school  and director internationalization.  He is also member of the editorial board of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (chief editor from 2017 on).  His teaching and research combine different disciplinary perspectives to understand the field of international law, including IR-theory, sociology, antropology, and film theory.

Educational activities (courses)   
Pulic International Law (introduction)
Theories and Approaches to War and Collective Security
International Humanitarian Law
European and International Law

Research activities
The past few years, my research was centred around two main topics: visual respresentations of international criminal law and the role of expertise in  the laws of amred conflict.  I have written a number of articles on documentaries in the field of international criminal justice and also a number of articles on the construction of manuals in humanitarian law. In addition, I have been working on the invocation of concepts such as ‘humanity’ and ‘mankind’ in international legal discourse.

Visual representations of international law, conflict and security law, cosmopolitanism, the role of experts in legal disourse.

Main publications


  • Werner, W.G., Justice on Screen: A Study of Four Advocacy Documentary Films, Leiden Journal of International Law 
  • Werner, W.G., “What’s Going On?; Reflections on Fritz Kratochwil’s Concept of Law”, Millennium, Journal of International Studies
  • Gordon G. & Werner, W.G., Kant, Cosmopolitanism and International Law, in: Anne Orford & Florian Hoffmann, Oxford Handbook of International Legal Theory, Oxford University Press.


  • Nouwen S. &  Werner, W.G., Monopolizing Global Justice; International Criminal Justice as a Challenge to Human Diversity, Journal of International Criminal Justice 
  • Werner, W.G., Security and International Law; Between Legalism and Securitization, in: Philippe Bourbeau, Security Across Disciplines, Cambridge University Press.

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