Research is part of the program Boundaries of Law and is carried out in three centers:

  • Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law (CePTL) is an academic research centre for multidisciplinary research on the dynamic relationship between law and politics in a globalizing world.
  • Centre for Law and Internet (CLI) started in 1984 as Computer/Law Institute and involved in the Network Institute focuses on – Research and Education on Information, Innovation and ICT.
  • The VU Centre for European Legal Studies (VU CELS) is a meeting place for researchers at VU University Amsterdam who are actively involved with European Law.

European Union Law had several interacting themes, such as European constitutional law; the role of social and environmental interests in European economic law; the development of European criminal law; and issues of sovereignty and pluralism, more particularly with respect to migrants’ rights, international trade, and the structure and competences of the EU.

Internet Governance and Regulation addresses the legal dimension of internet phenomena. Over the years some of the issues addressed were Law of Virtual worlds, Law and Web 2.0, and Online Dispute Resolution. Current themes are amongst others, Cyberwar, the Internet of Things, and Privacy.

Public International Law focuses on the following themes: international peace and security, international economic law, international legal regulation of migration; theory of international law, and the relation international law - international politics.