Lodder, Professor A.R. (Arno)

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Arno Lodder
+31 20 59 86215
faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( transnational legal studies )
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, head of department Transnational Legal Studies

Curriculum vitae

  • Associate professor on Law & Internet (2006-2011), Vrije Universiteit
  • Assistant proferssor in Law & IT/Internet (1999-2006), Vrije Universiteit
  • Lecturer in Law , Ph.D researcher and Coordinator Computer assisted education (1992-1998), Maastricht University

Research activities
Arno Lodder conducts research in the programme Boundaries of Law.

His research is mainly concernced with three aims regarding internet governance and regulation. First, law can contribute to what is good on the internet, in terms of infrastructure as well as content and applications. Second, law can help to control or ban threats to the internet and the people using it. Third, law can set and enforce norms for the use of data and the behaviour on the internet.

Over the last five years some of the issues addressed were Electronic signatures, Spam, Law of Virtual worlds, Law and Web 2.0, and Online Dispute Resolution. Currently the focus is on Cyberwar, the Internet of Things, and the EU FP7 project on anti money laundering.

Main publications

  • Lodder, A.R. (2011). Conflict resolution in Virtual worlds: General characteristics and the 2009 Dutch convictions on virtual theft. In K Cornelius & D Hermann (Eds.), Virtual worlds and criminality (pp. 79-93). Berlin: Springer.
  • Lodder, A.R. & Zeleznikow, J. (2010). Enhanced dispute resolution through the use of information technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Stol, W.PH., Kaspersen, H.W.K., Kerstens, J., Leukfeldt, E.R. & Lodder, A.R. (2009). Governmental filtering of websites: The Dutch case. Computer, Law & Security Review, 25(3), 251-262.
  • Lodder, A.R., & Oskamp, A. (Eds.). (2006). Information Technology and Lawyers. Advanced Technology in the Legal Domain, from Challenges to Daily Routine. Berlin: Springer.
  • A.R. Lodder & Zeleznikow, J. (2005). Developing an Online Dispute Resolution Environment: Dialogue Tools and Negotiation Systems in a Three Step Model, Harvard Negotiation Law Review, 10:287-338.

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Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht - Unknown Zutphen, 01 december 2012
Raad van Tucht EICPC - Chair De Haag, 24 juni 2013
International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution - editorial board The Hague, 01 september 2013
SOLV advocaten - Of Counsel Amsterdam, 01 november 2014
International Review of Law, Computers & Technology - editorial board London, 03 november 2014
Stichting platform open commentaren - Board member Amsterdam, 08 november 2016
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