Laura Henderson

+31 20 59 83060
faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis )
PhD candidate
Curriculum vitae
  • Junior Lecturer International Human Rights, The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM), Utrecht University (September 2011-January 2012)
  • Research Assistant, The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM), Utrecht University (April 2009-August 2011).
  • Intern Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution, Clifford Chance Amsterdam (February – March 2009).
Research activities
Conducts research in the programme Boundaries of Law.
“The Rhetoric of Exception. How to Justify Extreme Measures in Politics and Law?”

International human rights, Anthropology and law, European Convention on Human Rights, Critical Legal Studies, Right to a fair trial, Judicial independence, Equal treatment, U.S. law, Litigation

Main publications
  • L.M. Henderson, "Crisis Discourse: A Catalyst for Legal Change?," Queen Mary Law Journal (2014) (forthcoming).
  • L.M. Henderson, Tortured Reality: How Media Framing of Waterboarding Affects Judicial Independence (The Hague, Eleven Publishers: 2012).
  • L.M. Henderson, “Articulating the Discourse of Expediency,” Merkourios Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, Vol. 25 (2008) pp. 50-61.
  • J.E. Goldschmidt & L.M. Henderson, “More Than Just A Nice Idea: Equality as an Effective Way to Reduce the Risk of Violent Conflict,” in: I. Boerefijn, R. Janse, L. Henderson, R. Weaver (eds.,) Human Rights and Conflict (Antwerp, Intersentia: 2012).
  • L.M. Henderson, “With (Great) Power Comes (Great) Responsibility: A Move Toward Greater Responsibility for States Exercising Power Abroad. Case Note Al-Jedda v. the United Kingdom (Grand Chamber, 27021/08) 7 July 2011,” Merkourios Journal of International and European Law Vol. 28 (2012).
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Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

Employee's Council (Ondernemingsraad) VU University - member Amsterdam, 06 februari 2014
Weaver & Henderson On Point Legal - Partner Utrecht, 24 maart 2014
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