Jan Hallebeek

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis )
Professor of European Legal History

Curriculum vitae
Jan Hallebeek studied law at Utrecht University and got his PhD-degree in jurisprudence at the same university in 1986. From 1989 until 1999 he was Research-Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and from 1997 until 2006 he was Extraordinary Professor “Ancient Structures of the Catholic Church” at the Faculty of Theology of Utrecht University. Since 1986 he is working at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and from on 1999 as a professor. Currently he is also member of the editorial boards of Legal History Review (Brill Publishers) and Nederlands Tijdschrift Religie & Recht; member of the editorial council of Fundamina. A Journal of Legal History (Pretoria) and Comparative Legal History (Hart Publishers), member of the supervisory board of the Centre for Religion and Law, executive of the Stevin Centre for the history of Science and Humanities (VU University Amsterdam) and member of the Committee for the Edition of the History of Dutch Legal Scholarship of the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Educational activities

  • Legal History (B1)
  • Co-ordinator Honours Programme
  • Religious communities and law (optional)
  • Historical Introduction to European Legal Science (exchange)
  • Science and Religion: Views from History (Honour Programme)
  • Amsterdam Law Trials (Honours Programme)
  • Summer School “Laws in Antiquity”

Research activities
The investigations belong to the fourth research cluster of CLUE+ “Knowledge formation and its history”, the programme “Contract Law and Law of Obligations in General” of the research school Ius Commune (senior researcher) and the programme “Public and Private Interests in Financial and Corporate Law” of the Kooijmans–Institute for Law and Governance, more specifically the subprogram “Legal certainty”. Since 1990 his investigation partly takes place during an annual stay at the Max Planck-Institute for European Legal History at Frankfurt am Main.

Recent projects are 

  • Limitations and prescription, internationale werking group Gerda Henkel Stiftung
  • Amende honorable and amende profitable in cooperation with the department of private law
  • Medieval Frisian Sources of Law in cooperation with the Frieske Akademy
  • Appel comme d’abus (Université Paris 8 en Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)

Roman Law, History of Canon Law, History of Private Law, Medieval Legal Scholarship, Legal Palaeography, Reception of Roman Law, Early-modern Scholasticism, Codifications of Private Law, Law of Obligations, Ecclesiological Jansenism.

Main publications

  • Jan Hallebeek The Concept of Unjust Enrichment in Late Scholasticism [Rechtshistorische reeks van het Gerard Noodt Instituut, 35], Nijmegen 1996
  • Jan Hallebeek, Developments in mediaeval Roman law, in: E.J.H. Schrage (ed), Unjust enrichment: The comparative legal history of the law of restitution [Comparative studies in continental and Anglo-American legal history, 15], Berlin 1995, 59-120
  • Jan Hallebeek, Papal prohibitions midway between rigor and laxity. On the issue of depicting the Holy Trinity, in: W. van Asselt e.a. (eds), Iconoclasm and Iconoclash. Struggle for Religious Identity [Jewish and Christian perspectives series, 14], Leiden-Boston 2007, 353-383 + Plates

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