Lyana Francot-Timmermans

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis )
Associate professor

Curriculum vitae
Lyana Francot-Timmermans studied Law at the University of Maastricht and worked there as a researcher and lecturer. From 2001 untill 2013 she was Assistant Professor in Legal Theory, School of Law, Utrecht University. During the period of March 2012 – November 2013 she was also a senior researcher at the VU. Currently she is associate professor at the department of Legal Theory and Legal History.

Educational activities
Philosophy of Law I
Legal Skills

Research activities
Lyana Francot-Timmermans is the director of the research programme Boundaries of Law (as of 1 September 2014).
Past research focused on the boundaries of the legal system vis-à-vis world society and on the theoretical requirements for the establishment of those boundaries. Recent research builds upon earlier findings and centers on a critical diagnosis of changing power structures and normativity in a globalizing world, entertaining the concept of global injustice. Recent publications address how processes of globalization, also in its negative instantiations such as risks, challenge the modern notions of rule of law, legality, precaution and responsibility (both in legal and ethical terms).
Current research pursues the issue of the temporal dimension of the legal system in times of social acceleration.

Main publications     

  • Francot, L. (2015/2016). Systems Theory, Critique and Law: To Kill Some Darlings, in: S. Taekema, B. van Klink, W. de Been (eds.), The Development of Law: Establishing Legal Facts and Norms through Interdisciplinary Research.
  • Francot, L. (2014). Dealing with Complexity, Facing Uncertainty -Morality and Ethics in a Complex Society, in: Archiv für Rechts-und Sozialphilosophie, vol. 100, Heft 2, pp. 201-218.
  • Francot, L. (2013). Begegnungen der Anderen Art: Niklas Luhmann trifft auf Zygmunt Bauman, in: Amstutz, M. &  Fischer-Lescano, A. (Hg.), Kritische Systemtheorie – Zur Evolution einer normativen Theorie, Transcript (Bielefeld), p. 109-128.
  • Francot, L. & De Vries, B. (2013). Eyes wide shut: on Risk, Rule of Law and Precaution. In: Ratio Juris, p. 282-301.
  • Francot, L. & De Vries, B. (2011). Justice Unbound: Responsibility in the Second Modernity. In: De Vries & Francot (Eds.), Law’s Environment: Critical Legal Perspectives, Eleven international publishing, pp.201-219.
  • Francot, L. & De Vries, B. (2009). No Way out? Contracting about Modern Risks. In ARSP, 95-2, pp. 199-215.
  • Francot, L. & De Vries, B. (2008). Normativity in the Second Modernity. In: Rechtstheorie, Heft 4, p.477-494.
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Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
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Ancillary activities

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