Chris Jansen

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Professor of Private Law

Professor of Private Law

Private Law, Law of Obligations, Contract Law, Service Contract Law, Construction Law, Public Procurement Law.

Research Activities
Chris Jansen conducts research in the programme ‘Public Contracts: Law & Governance’.

The object of research is the interrelationship between public and private law in the framework of issues involving the formation of contracts for the supply of tailor made services. The particular focus is on the formation of contracts by means of tendering procedures.

Main publications
  • C.E.C. Jansen, De aanbestedingsovereenkomst: aanbesteden in verbintenisrechtelijk perspectief, Preadvies voor de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht (‘Tender contracts: tender procedures from a law of obligations perspective’), SDU: Den Haag 2009, 147 p. (ISBN: 9789012132206). 
  • C.E.C. Jansen, Leidraad Aanbesteden Bouwopdrachten 2009 (‘Guidelines Construction Procurement’), CROW: Gouda 2009, 408 p. (ISBN: 9789066285477). 
  • C.E.C. Jansen, ‘Wisselwerking tussen aanbestedingsrecht en verbintenissenrecht’ (‘The interreleationship between public procurement law and the law of obligations’), Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht 2008, p. 526-540. 
  • O.O. Cherednychenko and C.E.C. Jansen, ‘Principles of European Law on Financial Service Contracts?’ (2008) 16 European Review of Private Law 3, p. 443-468. 
  • J.M. Barendrecht, C.E.C. Jansen, M.B.M. Loos, A. Pinna, R. Cascão and S. van Gulijk Principles of European Law on Service Contracts, München: Sellier European Law Publishers 2007, 1034 p. (ISBN: 3727218010, 9783727218019).

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Educational activities
Intoduction to Law of Obligations; Contract Law and Property Law; Capita Selecta Contract Law; International Contract Law; Public Procurement Law.

Curriculum Vitae
  • Professor of Private Law (Contract Law), Vrije University of Amsterdam (since March 2004) and co-director of the research programme ‘Balancing Public and Private Interests’ of VU University Amsterdam Centre for Law and Governance (since January 2008). 
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Private Law, Tilburg University (1999-2003). 
  • PhD researcher (1992-1996) and Postdoc (1996-1999), Centre for Liability Law, Schoordijk Institute, Tilburg University. 
  • Part-time company lawyer (0,2), Legal Department Volker Wessels Rotterdam (1992-2003).

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam