Lieke Coenraad

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( privaatrecht )
professor, director of education

Professor of Private Law and Conflict Resolution

Curriculum vitae
Lieke Coenraad graduated in law from Leiden University. She completed her PhD on the principle of audi et alteram partem in Roman procedure at the Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam. She then worked at the Molengraaff Institute for Private law, Utrecht University, where she specialized in family procedure. Since 2011 she has been Professor of Private Law and Conflict Resolution at VU Amsterdam. In addition to her academic career she has been an honorary judge in family proceedings at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal since 2010 and was previously an honorary judge at the District Court of Rotterdam.

Educational activities

  • Civil Procedural Law and Insolvency Law (B2)
  • Conflict resolution and Dispute Settlement (B3)
  • Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation (M)
  • Family Law: Divorce and its consequences (M)
  • A Practical Approach to Civil Litigation (M)
  • Mediation (M)
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Coordinator of the Master’s programme in Conflict Management, Judiciary and Mediation
  • Coordinator and lecturer at VU Amsterdam’s Pre-University College

Research activities
Lieke Coenraad conducts research within the Amsterdam Centre for Family Law (ACFL) research programme. Her research is in the areas of civil and family procedure, with her specific expertise being in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in family proceedings. As a consultant to the Council of Europe she contributed to the Recommendation on preventing and resolving disputes on child relocation. She is also interested in the fundamental principles of civil procedure and occasionally makes trips back into legal history. She is an editor of and regular contributor to several legal journals. Lieke Coenraad is a confidential counsellor for academic integrity issues at the Faculties of Law, Social Sciences, and Economics and Business Administration, VU Amsterdam.


  • Civil procedure
  • Family law and family procedure
  • Conflict resolution
  • High-conflict divorces: conflict prevention and resolution
  • Fundamental principles of civil procedure
  • Legal history

Main publications

  • Lieke Coenraad, ‘Een Europese Recommendation over verhuizing met kinderen na scheiding’, F&R juli 2015, DOI: 10.5553/FenR/.000021, 38 p. (blind peer reviewed)
  • Lieke Coenraad, ‘A European approach to child relocation issues’, International Family Law Journal 2015, Issue 4, p. 312-317
  • Lieke Coenraad, ‘Harmonieleer voor juristen. Harmonieus scheiden met en zonder rechter’ (bewerking van oratie), Tijdschrift voor familie- en jeugdrecht, 2014(6), p. 160-165.
  • Lieke Coenraad 2014, ‘Voices of minor children heard and unheard in judicial divorce proceedings in the Netherlands’, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 2014(4), p. 370-380
  • Lieke Coenraad, Conflictoplossing en scheidingsrecht (Privaatrecht Cahiers),Nijmegen: Ars Aequi Libri 2011, 69 p.

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