Masha Antokolskaia

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( privaatrecht )
Professor of family law

Curriculum vitae
Graduated in law at Moscow State Law Academy and at University of Amsterdam. Awarded a PhD in 1988. Form 1989 till 1998 taught civil and family law at Moscow State Law Academy. In 1993-1995 member of the drafting team of the New Russian Family Code. From 1998 until 2005: KNAW-senior research fellow at the Molengraaff Institute of Private Law, University of Utrecht. Since 2005 - professor of family law at the VU University Amsterdam. Since 2009 head of the Department of Private Law. In 2011 initiated the Amsterdam Centre for Family Law (ACFL). Member of the Commission on European Family Law  and of the Executive Council of the International Society of Family Law.

Educational activities
Family law (3 undergraduate)
Divorce and thereafter (master)
Juvenile (master)
Comparative Law (2 undergraduate r)
Comparative Law (Amsterdam University College)

Research activities
Amsterdam Centre for Family Law (ACFL)

Dutch, European and comparative family law
Harmonisation  of private law in Europe
Comparative  Law
Interdisciplinary research in the field of family law 

Main publications
  • Harmonisation of Family Law in Europe: A Historical Perspective. A Tale of Two Millennia, Intersentia, Antwerpen, 2006, 564 p. 
  • ‘Convergence of Divorce Law in Europe’, Child and Family Law Quarterly, Vol 18, no 3, 2006, p. 307-330. 
  • Nederlands echtscheidingsrecht en the CEFL Principles on Divorce: Welke is ‘the Better Law?’, Inaugurele rede op 31 september 2006 te VU, Amsterdam, VU, 2006, 21 p. 
  • ‘Salomo’s oordeel nieuwe stijl: verblijfsco-ouderschap in België en Nederland’, 3 Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht, 2010, p. 1179-1243. 
  • ‘Economic Consequences of Informal Heterosexual Cohabitation From A Comparative Perspective: Respect Parties’ Autonomy or Protection of the Weaker Party?’ in: A. Verbeke (ed.) Liber Amicorum Walter Pintens, Intersentia, Antwerp, 2012

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Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

Alliantie Familie & Recht - Unknown Onbekend, 01 januari 2012
Boekenserie Familie & Recht - Editorial board Onbekend, 01 januari 2012
Journal of Politics and Law - Editorial board Onbekend, 01 januari 2012
Tijdschrift Famile & recht - Editorial board Onbekend, 01 januari 2012
Commission on European Family Law - Unknown Utrecht, 02 december 2013
International Society of Family Law - Member of Executive Council Onbekend, 02 december 2013
Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht - Unknown Gent, België, 02 december 2013
Lex Familiale: Portuguese Family Law Rev. - Reviewer Onbekend, 01 januari 2014
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