Miriam Wijkman

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( criminologie )

Curriculum vitae
Miriam Wijkman graduated in Law in 2005. Between 2005-2008 she worked as a junior-researcher at the NSCR. Since 2007 she works as a lecturer-researcher at the department of Criminal Law and Criminology.

Educational activities
Theoretical Criminology and Pyschology
Introduction Psychology

Research activities
Miriam Wijkman conducts research in the programme Empirical and Normative Studies. The PhD-research of Miriam Wijkman focusses on typologies and criminal careers of female sex offenders, juvenile as well as adult offenders.

Sexual offending, female sexual offending

Main publications
  • Wijkman, M., Bijleveld, C., & Hendriks, J. (2010). Women Don't Do Such Things! Characteristics of Female Sex Offenders and Offender Types. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 22(2), 135-156.

  • Wijkman, M., Bijleveld, C., & Hendriks, J. (2011). Female sex offenders: Specialists, generalists and once-only offenders. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 17(1), 34-45.

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