Wim Huisman

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( criminologie )
Professor of Criminology

Curriculum vitae 
Wim Huisman (1970) is professor of criminology. Huisman graduated at VU University in Criminology, in Criminal Law and in Administrative Law. In 2001 he received his PHD in Criminology. In 2003 Huisman became an associate professor of Criminology at Leiden University. In 2007, Huisman returned to VU University to join the board of the Law School, as Dean of Education. Today, Huisman is full professor and chair of VU School of Criminology. The School offers undergraduate and graduate programs in criminology. Huisman is also co-chair of the European Working Group on Organizational Crime of the European society of Criminology.

Educational activities 
Introduction to Criminology (Ba)
Organizational Criminology (Ma)
Corporations and International Crimes (Ma)

Research activities
Huisman conducts research in the programme Empirical and Normative Studies of Delinquent Behaviour and Criminal Law Enforcement’. Huisman studies the nature and causation of regulatory non-compliance in companies and other types of organizations (‘white-collar crime’), as well as the consequences for corporate crime control. Specific research projects include:
• Organizational properties and corporate crime
• Criminal careers of white-collar offenders
• The relation between gender and white-collar crime
• Crime in small and medium-sized companies
• Corporate involvement in gross human rights violations and international crimes
• Environmental crime
• Food crime
• Corruption in the private and public sector
• Preventative policies against organized crime 

Criminology, white-collar crime, corporate crime, organisational crime, compliance, regulatory enforcement. 

Recent publications 
• Erp, J. van , W. Huisman and G. vande Walle (eds.) (2015) The Routledge Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime in Europe, Abingdon: Routledge.
• Van Onna, J., V.R. van der Geest, W. Huisman and A.J.M. Denkers (2014) Divergent Trajectories: Criminal Careers of White Collar Crime offenders in the Netherlands, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 51(6), 759-784.
• Huisman, W. and Nelen, J.M. (2014), The Lost Art of Regulated Tolerance? Fifteen Years of Regulating Vices in Amsterdam, Journal of Law & Society, 41(4), 604-626.
• Huisman, W. and J. van Erp (2013) Opportunities for Environmental Crime: A Test of Situational Crime Prevention Theory, British Journal of Criminology, 53(6), 1178-1200.
• Van Baar, A. and W. Huisman (2012), The Ovenbuilders of the Holocaust. A Case-study of Corporate Complicity to International Crimes, British Journal of Criminology, 52(6), 1033-1050.

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