Marjolein Cupido

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( strafrecht )
Assistant professor

Curriculum vitae
Marjolein Cupido holds an LL.M. in Criminal Law (summa cum laude) from Leiden University where she also participated in the Talent Program - an extra-curricular program on legal research. In 2015, Marjolein defended her doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Facts Matter: A Study into the Casuistry of Substantive International Criminal Law' at VU University Amsterdam. Marjolein is currently working as assistant professor at the department of Criminal Law and Criminology of VU University Amsterdam. She is also a fellow at the Center of International Criminal Justice.

Educational activities       
Marjolein Cupido coordinates the courses Comparative Criminal Law and ICC Moot Court. She also teaches in the course International Criminal Courts & Tribunals and supervises bachelor- and master theses.

Research activities
Marjolein Cupido conducts research in the program Empirical and Normative Studies. Her research focuses on criminal responsibility for international crimes. She thereby applies a casuistic methodology and takes a comparative law approach.

International criminal law
Comparative criminal law
Criminal responsibility
Judicial reasoning

Main publications

  • M. Cupido, ‘Common Purpose Liability Versus Joint Perpetration: A Practical View on the ICC’s Hierarchy of Liability Theories, Leiden Journal of International Law (forthcoming)
  • M. Cupido, ‘Facing Facts in International Criminal Law: A Casuistic Model of Judicial Reasoning’, 14 Journal of International Criminal Justice (2016) 
  • M. Cupido, Facts Matter: A Study into the Casuistry of Substantive International Criminal Law (Den Haag: Eleven International Publishing, 2015) 
  • M. Cupido, ‘The Contextual Embedding of Genocide: A Casuistic Analysis of the Interplay between Law and Facts’, 15 Melbourne Journal of International Law (2014) 
  • M. Cupido, ‘Pluralism in Theories of Liability: Joint Criminal Enterprise versus Joint Perpetration’, in E. van Sliedregt & S. Vasiliev (red.), Pluralism in International Criminal Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015)

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