Catrien Bijleveld

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( criminologie )

Curriculum vitae
Catrien Bijleveld studied Psychology and Criminal Law and is currently professor of Research Methods in Criminology at VU University as well as senior researcher at the NSCR Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, Amsterdam.  Her research interests include violent offending (offending), experimental criminological research, criminal careers, and international crimes. She has published in journals such as Psychology, Crime and Law, Journal of Experimental Criminology, Crime and Justice and Criminology.

Educational activities
Multivariate analyse, Voortgezette Methoden, Research Methods for International Crimes

Research activities
Empirical and Normative Studies
Research into international crimes, sex offending, criminal careers (particularly of girls and women), historical-criminological research

Longitudinal research methods, life-course criminology, supranational criminology research methods

Main publications
  • Wijkman, M., Bijleveld, C.C.J.H. & Hendriks, J. (2010). ‘Women don’t do such things!’ Characteristics of female sex offenders and offender types. Sexual Abuse, A Journal of Research & Treatment 22, 135-156.
  • Holà, B., Smeulers, A.L. & Bijleveld, C.C.J.H. (2011). International Sentencing Facts and Figures: ICTY and ICTR Sentencing Practice. Journal of International Criminal Justice, 9, 411-439. doi:10.1093/jicj/mqr014. No IF
  • Hissel, S., Bijleveld, C.C.J.H., Kruttschnitt, C. (2011). The voices of children of incarcerated mothers. An exploratory study for the Netherlands of their caregiving situation and well-being. European Journal of Criminology, 8, 346–360.  DOI: 10.1177/1477370811415755, IF 2010 1.159; 16/43 in Criminology & Penology.
  • Weevers, M. & Bijleveld, C.C.J.H. (2010). ‘Uitgediende hetaeren, verjaagde concubines en in den steek gelatenen’. Vrouwelijke bedelaars eind 19e eeuw. Tijdschrift voor Criminologie, 52, 351-364.
  • Van der Geest, V., Bijleveld, C.C.J.H. & Blokland, A.A.J. (2011, in press). The effects of employment on longitudinal trajectories of offending: A follow up in high risk youth from ages 18 to 32. Criminology IF 2.603
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Postal address

VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

NSCR - Director Amsterdam, 15 augustus 2014
Wetenschappelijke raad Jeugdzorg Plus - Unknown Onbekend, 01 mei 2015
Adviescommissie afgesloten strafzaken (ACAS) - Unknown Onbekend, 01 september 2015
Commissie geweld in de Jeugdzorg - member Den Haag, 09 september 2015
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