Bahija Aarrass

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( staats- en bestuursrecht )

Curriculum vitae
Bahija Aarrass concluded her Master’s degree in Law in 2006 at the Vrije Universiteit. In 2007 she received a grant (NOW-Mozaiek) for her Ph.D. research. Before she has worked as a legal adviser at the municipality of Amsterdam. Since 2009 she has worked at the VU Amsterdam as a PhD student and currently as a researcher/lecturer.

Educational activities
European legal protection
Human Rights and Citizenship (minor Migration Law)
Dutch Migration Law
Moot Court
Bachelor and Master thesis

Research activities
Bahija Aarrass conducts research in the programme Migration Law: Welfare State versus Universal Human Rights.

Her main research consists of PhD research concerning the relation between fundamental rights and migration law. The prohibition of refoulement (asylum) and the right to family life are well accepted norms when it comes to the right to enter or staying in a certain state. What is intended with this research is the study and analysis of the relevance that other human rights norms may have for migration law. One may think of fundamental freedoms like the freedom of religion and the right to respect for private life, procedural guarantees, such a as the right to fair trial; the equality principle and socio-economic rights, such as the right to education. These norms may have relevance in migration law in two ways: as independent sources of rights to enter to or remain in a state and as means of interpretation of the prohibitions of refoulement and the right to family life.

Human rights, migration law, the ECHR, prohibition of refoulement; the right to respect for private life, the right to freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial, the right to education (in migration law).

Main publications
  • Aarrass, B. & Vermeulen, B.P. (2009). De reikwijdte van de vrijheid van godsdienst in een pluriforme samenleving. In A.J. Nieuwenhuis & C.M. Zoethout (Eds.), Rechtsstaat en religie (pp. 59-88). Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers.
  • Aarrass, B. (2010). Artikel 8 EVRM als middel tegen uitzetting. De moeizame integratie van privéleven in migratiezaken. Migrantenrecht, 2010 (4), 176-184.
  • Aarrass, B. (2016). European migration and asylum law and the human rights approach of the ECHR: do human rights really matter? In the International conference ‘Migration and Asylum. New challenges and opportunities for Europe’

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