Examination Board

The Faculty of Law has an Examination Board. The Examination Board organizes and coordinates the planning of exams and reviews and approves exam regulations, grants exemptions from compulsory courses and approves the inclusion of educational components in the curriculum which are not a standard part of the programme, a.o.

How to make a request for the Examination Board
A request for the Examination Board needs to be made in writing and needs to be addressed to the Official Secretary of the Examination Board. The secretary will forward the request to the Examination Board. The Examination Board aims to respond within 30 working days of receiving the request.

Contact details
Official Secretary Examination Board
Attn.: Ms. A.M. de Laaf / Ms. R. van Empelen MSc

Telephone enquiries
Due to the corona restrictions, enquiries by phone have been suspended until further notice. You can reach the Examination Board on the email address mentioned above.

For more information:
Examination Regulations