Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee for Legal and Criminological Research (CERCO) was established to ensure that scientific research which involves ethical aspects is conducted in an ethical manner. The CERCO uses its ethical guidelines to check proposed research of the Faculty of Law and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR). These guidelines are set out in the document entitled “Code of Ethics”. The committee also has an ambit to judge complaints from people who have participated in such a study. 
Ethical assessment
Researchers employed by faculty or NSCR can have their research proposal assessed in accordance with the CERCO which stipulates the relevant application criteria. 

People who are (were) connected to research of the Faculty of Law or the NSCR, and who believe a member of the research staff has not acted in accordance with established ethical principles in the performance of their tasks, may file a complaint with the commission. The complaint should be clearly detailed in form and substance. Before arriving at its opinion, the commission will provide a hearing for the staff member against whom the complaint has been filed. The committee will communicate its views in writing to the complainant and the defendant. 

Both requests and complaints should be filed with the secretary: Anniek van der Schuijt via

Members CERCO
Prof. Henk Elffers (Chairman)
Dr. Veroni Eichelsheim
Dr. Joke Harte     
Prof. Wouter Veraart
Anniek van der Schuijt (secretary)